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  • Major Concerns

    • To consolidate strategies for self-regulated learning and boost students' motivation for learning​

    • To promote engagement and well-being

  • Objectives

    • To promote self-learning and improve students’ self-confidence; and​

    • To create a positive campus culture.

  • Duties

    • Following up on student misconduct

      • The Discipline Team will strictly enforce school rules, particularly student misbehaviour and violations against uniform policy.

        • Appoint a Teacher in Charge for each class level;

        • Responsibilities of Teacher in Charge:

          • Coordinate the guidance and disciplinary work of each class level;

          • Manage and follow up on unexpected and severe violations;

          • The teacher in Charge may convene a meeting upon serious violation of school rules; and

          • Meet with the parent(s) of students who seriously violate the school rules.

    • School Order

      • Cultivate correct values, such as respecting others, good manners and following the school rules.

        • Teach students the right attitudes for attending public events;

        • Weekly assembly: maintaining order, student entry, sitting, and singing the school anthem.

    • Dress Code

      • Cultivate correct values, and enhance their self-image through independent thinking without following trends blindly.

      • Students are required to wear clean and tidy uniforms to school.

      • Random inspection of students’ dress code during Monday morning assembly will be undertaken.

      • Prefects and teachers on duty will check and follow up on students upon entry every day.

    • Student Reward and Punishment System

      • Review students’ code of conduct each term and provide necessary follow-up.

    • Handling complaints by phone

      • Provide immediate feedback and follow up promptly.

    • Cross-border students

      • Closely monitor the attendance record of cross-border students and respond quickly to any special circumstances.

    • Teachers on duty

      • Teachers will be on duty to handle regular school affairs; and

      • Teachers of the Discipline Team will be on duty from Monday to Friday.

    • Reward and remedial programme

      • Examine students’ code of conduct regularly, and provide a remedial programme for students with a poor code of conduct and help them improve their behaviour.

    • Student Attendance

      • Meet with students who have been tardy on many occasions to encourage them to come to school punctually.

    • Prefects

      • Train students to assist with school affairs.

        • Daily duties;

        • Offer assistance in different school activities;

        • Organise on-campus and off-campus training to strengthen leadership skills; and

        • A teacher will be on duty daily to serve as the prefects' mentor.

    • Fire Drills

      • A fire drill will be held twice a year to raise students’ awareness of fire prevention.

    •  Guidance and Discipline Referral Service

      • Once the Discipline Team has handled students' misbehaviour, we will refer the student to the Guidance Team for follow-up if necessary.

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