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Co-Curricular Activities

  • Objectives & Philosophy

    • By participating in extra-curricular activities, students are able to achieve the following goals:

      • Develop diversified potentials;

      • Help students develop a wider array of interests and enrich their learning experiences;

      • Help students broaden their horizons and promote the importance of working as a team and showing respect to others for their good moral character;

      • Create a good school culture and promote the school motto;

      • Provide extensive opportunities for students to develop their social skills;

      • Promote moral and spiritual development;

      • Enhance students’ mental and physical health;

      • Strengthen students’ social skills;

      • Expand students’ social circles;

      • Provide opportunities for students to unleash their potential;

      • Provide alternative classroom experiences;

      • Explore new learning experiences; and

      • Provide more individual and group counselling.

  • ​Projects

    • Leadership Training

      • Assist students in establishing the Student Union;

      • Establish the ECA Prefect Team to assist school clubs/societies and classes in organizing activities;

      • Organise training for committee members of school clubs/houses and class officers;

      • Organize the junior secondary and the senior secondary leadership training camps; and

      • Encourage students to participate in external leadership training.

    • Coordinate School Activities

      • School trip;

      • Sports Day and the Cheerleading Championship;

      • Inter-house Competitions;

      • Inter-class Competitions; and

      • Active Learning Day (carnival).

    •  Other Learning Experiences

      • Assist school clubs and societies in recruiting members and organizing activities;

      • Encourage students to take part in off-campus competitions and co-curricular activities; and

      • One Sport and One Art for One Student.

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