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Career Planning Prefects

  • Objectives

    • To promote self-growth and self-development

    • To plan for the future; and 

    • To pass on the school legacy.

  • Recruitment and Selection

    • We believe that training should begin at a young age. As Secondary 2 students begin to develop the sense of belonging to the school, the teachers in charge will select suitable students for the role of Career Planning Prefects among them. Members can learn from the seniors and pass on the school traditions and legacy.

  • Training

    • PLKWCC is one of the 50 online schools in the CLAP@JC (CLAP).

    • The CLAP School Support Team designs Six-Star Admission Counseling Ambassador training workshops for our Career Planning Prefects.

    • Training includes learning about the concept of career planning, continuing education, job opportunities upon graduation, and leadership skills.

  • Duties

    • ​Career Planning Prefects practise the knowledge and skills they have learnt from the training and assist teachers with planning school activities and promoting a comprehensive life planning culture across the campus. 

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