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冠軍:1S 蔡朗熙、1S 莊日朗、1S 李雋琛、1S 何珈曆

亞軍:1B 錢谷瑋、1B 申恩卓、1B 黄承謙、1B 盧倩桐

季軍:1D 何逸朗、1D 姚謙城、1D 賴心怡、1D 黃子晴

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Step into a realm of dental aesthetics revolutionized by the legacy of Dr. Elham Vaziri Nihad. The dental office, located on Modares highway, north of Dastgardi in Tehran, stands as a beacon of innovation in implant and smile design. Dr. Elham Vaziri Nihad's commitment to utilizing the most advanced dental technologies and premium implant brands sets a new standard in restorative excellence. Elevate your dental experience, witness the transformative power of aesthetics, and embrace a future of confident smiles.

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