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Victory for T2R1 debates (Team 2)

Team 2 showed incredible resolve this round. They were up against a tough opponent, but did not flinch in the face of the challenge. The motion was THW pay additional benefits to families on welfare according to their child's performance at school, and we were arguing that the motion must fall.

As first speaker, Samuel Liu (3S), did a tremendous job explaining how the motion discriminates against less fortunate students, and then introduced our countermodel, namely growth mindset intervention. Next, Moses Leung (4S), as the second speaker, argued convincingly that the motion would likely damage family relationships and would be difficult to implement. Finally, bringing a barrage of rebuttals, Addison Lau (4S) argued our case was better and pointed out the flaws in the Affirmative Team's case.

All in all, it was a tough debate, but we showed that members of PLKWCC's Debating Team have the spirit and dedication to overcome hurdles and always give it our best shot. It was a rewarding experience and all should be congratulated on the well-deserved win. And, congratulations to Moses, who received the award for Best Speaker!

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