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liquid thc drink

THC Lemonade Infused Pink Lemonade is made with real fruit juices and Delta-8 THC derived from hemp. Strawberry Lemonade Delta-8 THC lemonade delivers fast-acting Delta-8 THC dosages, without the extreme head-altering highs or horrible anxiety that some consumers experience with delta-9 THC from cannabis. Order Strawberry Lemonade Delta 8, which contain 500mg Delta-8-THC per single bottle, online today. If you are an experienced THC user, these 500mg Delta-8 drinks will be your best friend. Now available in a pink lemonade, new Delta-8 THC lemonades contain 500mg of your new favourite cannabinoid, the one and only legitimate cannabis-derived compound to get that all-out buzz. Delta-8 THC Bites in Pink Lemonade are bite-sized chews that allow you to enjoy flying under your own terms.


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