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Reward based education

Embark on a magical journey into knowledge where education turns into entertainment!

Available in 100 languages and for ages 3 to 13 this free kids education app will help your children acquire the knowledge they can get from school in the most entertaining way and help them develop in their life.

They will learn to read, write and speak as well as develop a better understanding of their environment.

Parents and educators can easily and quickly create personalized exercises for their children and connect with them remotely, as well as discover and share new material from a global community.

This kids education app is based on the theory of positive reinforcement. Students have to solve lessons and as a reward they can play fun games or to watch entertaining videos.

Guardians have complete control over the content their children have access to. They are the ones who will choose which lessons they will take, which games they can play and which videos they can watch.

Students can have many remote teachers so that the whole family is always in touch with their kids. In this way they can provide the best possible education in real time and also feel closer to them by watching and reacting supportively as they evolve.

Professional educators can also send educational material to your children with your approval. They can monitor your children progress, spot if they have any educational deficiencies and help them in a way that they will always keep up with the other kids.


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