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Joker Hindi Dubbed 720p Movies




Commissioner Gordon directs Police Chief Harvey Dent to investigate the incident which results in Batman being arrested and accused of premeditated murder. As Dent begins his new position as Gotham's District Attorney, a mob boss named Sal Maroni approaches him with an offer of protection in exchange for support in passing legislation that would allow Maroni's family to buy a monopoly on Gotham's drug trade. Dent refuses and asks for a raise. Maroni's enforcer Bones McCoy threatens to kill Dent's daughter unless he complies. Dent calls Gordon to warn him of the threat and Gordon sets up a stakeout in his office where McCoy is waiting for him. Dent's office is also monitored by an assassin. When the assassins are captured, Gordon and Dent ask each other who hired them and realize that it was Maroni. Dent kills Maroni and Maroni's family, seizing their businesses and placing Bones in prison. McCoy escapes, kills Dent's wife, and frames Batman for the murders. Commissioner Gordon receives a package from Batman containing a device which allows him to speak to the Dark Knight. Gordon calls Batman to tell him the situation with McCoy. Batman is successful in apprehending McCoy, but McCoy attacks him. Gordon rescues the now-disabled Batman and the two villains are taken to the hospital. Gordon then informs Commissioner Bill Bateman that Batman tried to kill Commissioner Dent. Gordon goes to Dent's home, where he and Dent confront each other. Gordon reveals that Batman will likely kill him, and, after Dent replies that he is not afraid, Gordon states that he is a little. They get into a fight and Gordon is knocked out. Batman arrives with the police and finds Dent and Gordon outside. Gordon wakes up and is taken to the hospital, while Batman visits Dent. The two villains are taken to prison. Commissioner Bateman believes Dent's accusation that Batman is responsible for the attempted murder. Batman takes the blame and goes to jail. Afterward, he meets up with the Joker, who tells him that he set up the plan, and the two villains work together to escape. In the first episode of the sequel series The New Batman Adventures, Batman visits Gordon, who is recovering from his injuries in the hospital. Gordon says he was afraid to go against the law enforcement system, but that he knows he made the right decision. Gordon believes Batman is innocent and tells Batman that he will be released soon. Batman tells Gordon that he is planning to infiltrate the mob, and Gordon warns him not




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Joker Hindi Dubbed 720p Movies
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