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Learning and Teaching

  • Objectives and Philosophy

    • To help students to develop the habit of, and the techniques for self-regulated learning

    • To enhance the efficiency of learning and teaching in class and encourage teachers to adopt different teaching strategies

    • To enhance students’ self-management skills and introduce effective learning skills

    • To promote the development of interdisciplinary collaboration, English learning across curriculum and e-learning

    • To explore ways to meet students' different learning needs

    • To review the curriculum and the bridging between junior and senior secondary curriculum

    • To cultivate the habit of reading and learning through reading

  • ​Duties

    • Self-regulated learning and on-site professional support services

    • Curricular guidance and subject supervision

    • Catering for individual differences

    • E-learning promotion and support

    • On-campus and off-campus Assessment

    • Showcase of outstanding academic performance

    • Timetable arrangement

    • Senior secondary learning enhancement programme

    • Junior secondary learning training programme

    • Academic Prefects

    • Set Sail forYour Dream programme

    • School scholarships

    • Extensive Reading Award Scheme

    • Textbooks and summer holiday assignments

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