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Professional Development


  1. Long-term goals:

    • Wu Chung College is devoted to the professional development of our teaching team according to EDB’s teacher development objectives and policies.

    • Based on our major concerns, we organize different teacher training programs  to increase teaching effectiveness and promote the culture of mutual appreciation, support, and harmony among teachers

  2. Major Concerns:

    • ​According to our development plan, we have identified the following two major concerns:

      • To consolidate strategies for self-regulated learning and boost students’ motivation for learning

      • To promote engagement and well-being

    • Fostering communication and collaboration between teachers

      • We encourage our teachers to participate in exchange activities and professional development programmess organised by the school, sponsoring bodies and external institutions to improve professional levels and obtain the latest educational knowledge.​



  • New Teacher Orientation Program

To assist and support newly recruited teachers in adapting to the school's teaching environment, our senior teachers serve as mentors to help new teachers master subject teaching and school administrative work with the aim of facilitating exchanges between senior and new teachers.

  • Continuous professional development

  • We disseminate information regarding teacher development regularly and have established the Professional Development Grant to encourage further studies.

  • By organizing internal workshops, we encourage teachers to conduct class activities through e-learning.

  • We also encourage teachers to seek further studies and reach their full potential. Based on our major concerns, we conduct different activities to create a culture of self-evaluation.

  • We provide books on the latest teaching trends and teacher development in the library for our teachers.

  • Staff Caring Activities

Our Staff Welfare Team organizes activities during examination periods and professional development days to enhance support for teachers, promote teamwork, and build a harmonious working environment.


Teachers’ workshop

Caring for our staff members / Staff activities


Growth mindset

       Teachers’ Sharing              Recharging Your Soul

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  • Professional Development

With the support of CUHK Quality School Improvement Project, professional training is provided to enable teachers to promote self-directed learning, thus boosting students’ confidence in learning.​

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  • Building a Positive Campus

Granted $3,000,000 by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, professional training is provided to equip teachers with the skills to promote positive education. Students are trained to utilize their character strengths and growth mindset to overcome challenges in life.

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