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Career and Life Planning

  • Meaning of Life Planning:

    • Life planning is an ongoing and lifelong process for personal fulfilment, with different foci at different stages of one’s lifetime.

    • At the schooling stage, life planning education is one of the critical components in promoting whole-person development, with the objectives of enabling students’ self-understanding, personal planning, goal setting, as well as self-reflection and revision, and equipping students with the knowledge of various study, career and training pathways.

    • Students are equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitude to make wise choices based on their interests, abilities and orientations, and are guided to integrate their career/academic aspirations with whole-person development and life-long learning through life planning.

(Guide on  Life Planning Education  and Career Guidance for  Secondary Schoolson, Education Bureau, 2014)


Wu Chung Career Planning Objective:

  • Major concern 1: To consolidate strategies for self-regulated learning and boost students' motivation for learning​

  • Major concern 2: To promote engagement and well-being


Concept map for Career and Life Planning

  • Objective:

To assist students in establishing their career development goals based on the elements of life planning. This includes:

  1. Self-awareness & Development: Understand their personal strengths, personalities and interests, and establish correct values;

  2. Career Exploration: Allow students to understand the meaning of work and what it means to them; and

  3. Life Planning and Management: Formulate and implement a plan to cope with the transitions and changes in both study and work so that students can correctly decide what is best for them.

  • Projects:

1. Life Planning for Secondary 1 & 2

  • Life Planning Passport: Students learn about personal strengths and interests to set learning goals for their school life;

  • My Favourite Career Aptitude Test; and

  • Videos and Quiz Games: Students get a taste of work and explore different careers.

2. Subject Selection for Secondary 3

  • My Favourite Career Aptitude Test;

  • Parent meeting on subject selection for Secondary 3 students: Introduce the features of senior secondary elective subjects, the principles for subject selection and the selection criteria;

  • 'I am...' Youth Portal Workshop: Provide different aptitude tests and vocational & educational information through mobile applications;

  • Group counselling and senior student sharing: Analyse different revision skills and test-taking strategies for different subjects and the impact on future studies; and

  • Individual counselling.

3. Life Planning for Secondary 4-6

A. Theme for Secondary 4: Know Yourself, Pursue Your Dreams

Objective: S4 students can take part in different experiential activities in the life planning class to learn more about their personalities, interests and strengths, as well as the importance of these elements for life planning. They are also equipped with the skills required for future career paths.

  • Career Aptitude Test Workshop

  • Career Exploration Workshop

  • Subject Selection and Future Career Path Workshop

  • Dialogue in the Dark School Activity

  • Applied Learning Class

  • Voluntary Activity Planning

  • Public Speaking Class

  • Programming Workshop

  • Life Planning Seminar

B. Theme for Secondary 5: Set Your Goals, Flexible Future Pathways

Objective: Help students to understand more about work, examine the relationship between personal strengths and occupational characteristics, and set appropriate goals for learning and further study.

  • Life Planning Class

  • Attend different university information days

  • Virtual Life Experience: Workplace Challenge

  • S5 Parents Meeting

  • Personal Image and Interview Workshop

  • Table Manner Workshop

  • Learning Camp: Planning the Future

  • Career Today

  • Alumni Sharings

  • Mock Interview Workshop

  • Working Reality

  • Work Experience

C. Theme for Secondary 6: Subject Selection & HKDSE

Objective: By introducing different university programmemes and subject selection counselling, we help students to choose the pathway that aligns with their strengths and interests.

  • Admissions Talks of Tertiary Institutions

  • Taiwan Higher Education Fair

  • JUPAS Registration Workshop and Group Interview

  • JUPAS Registration

  • Different School Principal's Nominations (SPN)

  • Registration for Other Institutions (including Taiwan and Mainland universities)

  • Letters of Recommendation for Graduates

  • HKDSE and JUPAS result release & counselling​

4. Senior Secondary Learning Enhancement Programme
Senior Secondary Learning Enhancement Programme focuses on improving students' academic performance and promoting active learning through career planning. Through interviews and grade prediction, we help students to set reasonable study goals and encourage them to fight for the best grades at their own level.

5. PLK-CUHK Exchange Programme
Between 20 to 30 Secondary 5 students are selected to take part in the activities and lectures organized by Po Leung Kuk educational psychologists to learn more about subject options and university life.

6. Career Planning Prefects Training

  • The recruitment of Career Planning Prefects is conducted from May to August each year. The members will be separated into two groups, which is "activity" and "information". Each group consists of a total of 10~15 members from S3 to S5.

  • The training can enhance students’ activity planning and data organisation ability which also improve their awareness of career planning.

7. Visit & Exchange Activities

  • Students are recommended to take part in work experience or career introduction activities organized by different institutions.

  • Students are recommended to participate in day camps or experiential camps organized by local universities or tertiary institutions.

8. Letters of Recommendations and Other Administrative Works

  • Processing letters for universities or tertiary institution applications required by S6 students; and

  • Processing letters of recommendations required by other students or alumni.


"Career Today" Students' Sharing


Ocean Park Workplace Visit


Workplace Challenge


HKDSE Result Relase and Counselling


S5 Interview Workshop


Career Planning Prefect Workshop


S3 Subject Selection Counselling

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