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The Kuk’s Spirit

The Kuk’s Spirit
Mutual Respect

United Effort



Has Gratefulness and Recognition


Dedication to Serving the Community


Children are nurtured.
Youngsters are educated.
Adults are supported to contribute.
The elderly are cared for.
The less fortunate are lightened with hope.


To be the most prominent and committed charitable organisation.

In the Kuk’s Spirit to do good deeds with benevolence,

Dedicated to protecting the young and the innocent,

caring for the elderly and the underprivileged,

aiding the poor and healing the sick,

educating the young and nurturing their morality,

providing recreation to the public,

caring for the environment,

passing on cultural inheritance and

bringing goodness to the community.


Fine traditions, Accommodation of current needs,

People-orientedness, Care and appreciation,

Sound governance, Pragmatism and innovation,

Integrity, Vigilance, Optimal use of resources,

Cost-effectiveness, Professional team, Service with heart

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