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2024 Secondary 1
Discretionary Places

We will accept applications for S1 discretionary places for the school year 2024-2025 from 2 January 2024.

Secondary 1 Discretionary Places

Application Guidelines

  1. Number of S1 discretionary places: 40

  2. Application criteria: Conduct (Grade B or above)

  3. Application period: 2 January 2024-16 January 2024 (both dates inclusive)

  4. Applications can be submitted to our school in person or via the SSPA e-Platform.

    • The following documents must be present when the submission is made in person:

      • A duly completed Application Form for S1 Discretionary Place issued by Education Bureau (EDB).

      • A duly completed Application Form issued by PLKWCC (PDF/DOC).

      • Photocopies of the Primary Four (Annual), Primary Five (Annual) and Primary Six Report Card (1st Term).

      • Two self-addressed stamped envelopes.​

    • ​Submission via the SSPA e-Platform:​

      • For parents who have registered as SSPA e-Platform users and bound their account with “iAM Smart+”, apart from the paper Application Form, they may also choose to submit DP applications via the SSPA e-Platform.​

      • The following documents must be uploaded to the e-Platform when the application is submitted via the SSPA e-Platform:

        • A duly completed Application Form issued by PLKWCC (PDF/DOC).

        • Photocopies of the Primary Four (Annual), Primary Five (Annual) and Primary Six Report Card (1st Term).

  5. According to the instructions of EDB, recommendation letters from primary schools are not required. However, photocopies of other relevant documents, awards and certificates may be attached to the Application Form. Please note that all documents submitted will not be returned.

  6. Arrangements of Interview:

    • ​​Notification: All applicants eligible for an interview will receive a letter of confirmation in early March 2024.

    • Number of interviewees: There are always a large number of applicants. 200 applicants will be shortlisted for an interview by applying the criteria laid down in ‘Discretionary Places Rank Order List’ issued by EDB.

    • Interview date: The only date of interview is 9 March 2024 (Saturday) and the school will assign an interview time for each applicant. For those who cannot attend the interview, the school will consider their applications with reference to ‘Discretionary Places Rank Order List’ issued by EDB and their chance of admission may be affected.

    • All-round Interview:

      • English activities;

      • Chinese activities;

      • Science experiments;

      • Individual and group interviews.

    • The aforementioned activities share the same weighting.

    • Students with remarkable talents or outstanding performance in inter-school competitions (such as receiving an individual award in a local or international open competition or representing the Hong Kong Team) will be given bonus marks which do not exceed 10% of his/her interview score.

  7. Selection criteria: The admission results will be determined by considering the total marks of the interview and the ‘Discretionary Places Rank Order List’ issued by EDB. The weightings of the interview and EDB’s Rank Order List are 30% and 70% respectively.

  8. As stipulated by EDB, parents of applicants who are included in the ‘Successful List for Discretionary Places’ will be notified by post and by phone on 27 March 2024.


Wu Chung Info Day 2023

SAT, 2 DEC 2023


1. Admissioni Talk

(Session 1) 9:00am-10:00am

(Session 2) 10:45am-11:45am

2. Campus visit

Time: 9:30am-1:15pm

  • School facility open house

  • Handbell performance

  • Latte art and Chinese tea brewing demonstrations

​Deadline for registration:

Thursday, 23 Nov 2023

​Click here to register


Taster Programme



27 NOV-8 DEC 2023


  1. Introduction to school

  2. Our interview requirements

  3. Taster classes

  4. Other hands on workshops

Note: For further information, please contact your primary shcool.

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