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School Mission

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School Vision

Widely supported by the Shatin community, our school provides holistic education to enable our students to achieve outstanding academic performance, explore their true potential, develop self-confidence and a sense of responsibility, as well as foster moral values. It is hoped that our students are willing to engage in lifelong learning and serve the community.

School Mission

At Wu Chung, we are committed to being innovative by providing students with high-quality, holistic education to meet the expectation of parents and nurture the talent of the future.

Po Leung Kuk Educational Philosophy

  1. As a non-profit organization, Po Leung Kuk was established with the mission of protecting the young and the innocent. As of today, the range of services and coverage of Kuk expands to the whole community. Kuk also adheres to the same policy by providing high-quality educational services for the general public.

  2. The educational concept and policies focus on serving the best interests of society.. All Kuk-affiliated schools are operated on a non-profit basis. The mission and policy of Kuk-affiliated schools emphasize social benefit and keep up with the current needs of society. 

  3. With the school motto of "Benevolence, Respect, Diligence and Sincerity", Po Leung Kuk affiliated schools prize educating the young, nurturing morality, and helping students achieve "Cognitive, Aesthetic, Social, Physical and Moral development". Our students are encouraged to engage in community service to foster their value of citizenship, as well as adopting an open attitude towards different issues.

  4. Kuk is a non-political and non-religious sponsoring body, of which different thoughts, ideas and religions co-exist under the condition that the law shall not be violated and that teaching order shall not be disrupted.

  5. As a non-governmental organization initiated by Chinese people, Kuk is concerned with social and national affairs, and is determined to promote Chinese culture. All Po Leung Kuk affiliated schools are committed to developing a sense of identity and responsibility towards the country among students. As members of a cosmopolitan city, students are encouraged to gain a global perspective and adopt an open attitude to global affairs.

School Mission of Po Leung Kuk Wu Chung College

  • Committed to fulfilling the Po Leung Kuk Educational Philosophy of Protecting the Young and the Innocent; Education Without Discrimination

  • Balanced cognitive, aesthetic, social, physical and moral development

  • Whole-Person Development: Healthy growth while unleashing students' true potential; Be positive and brave in the face of adversity; Do to others as you would have them do to you

  • Love for Life and Serve Society: Participate in community services and embrace life with gratitude, love and reflection

School Objectives of Po Leung Kuk Wu Chung College

  • Cultivate positive values by teaching the difference between right and wrong by reflecting on oneself (Wisdom)

  • Emphasise both academic and moral development by developing good language literacy, morality and affection (Benevolence)

  • Develop a sense of community with good discipline, responsibility and tolerance of others (Courage)

School Motto of Po Leung Kuk Wu Chung College

  • Benevolence: Love others as you love yourself

  • Respect: Respect your teacher and your friends

  • Diligence: Be diligent in thinking and eager to learn

  • Sincerity: Be honest and fair

Educational Philosophy of Po Leung Kuk Wu Chung College

  • By creating a good learning environment and encouraging students to be active in learning, Wu Chung College broadens our students' horizons and helps them explore the beauty of the world. We cultivate positive values of truth, kindness, and beauty among our students to reach their goals in life

  • By serving as a role model for our students, the professional teaching of Wu Chung encourages our students to cultivate good and positive moral values, explore and unleash their true potential, and promote the development of the learning community.

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