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​School History


Hong Kong Po Leung Kuk, originally known as the Society for the Protection of Women and Children, was established by a group of Chinese businessmen in 1878. In the late 19th century, abduction and trafficking of women and children were rampant crimes in Hong Kong, especially among the residents of Dongguan, adjacent to Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Government strictly prohibited prostitution and implemented the Anti-Mui Tsai Act as a legal solution. In 1878, a group of local Chinese people presented a petition to the Governor of Hong Kong to suppress abduction, rescue kidnapped victims, and provide shelter for them. Later, Po Leung Kuk expanded its services to provide shelter for women and children who were abandoned, abused and lacked family care.

As of today, Po Leung Kuk has grown from a small-scale anti-abduction charity to a leading comprehensive social services organization. In addition to the welfare of women and children, the scope of Kuk’s services also includes educational affairs, rehabilitation for mentally-handicapped people, and recreational activities.

The history of Kuk’s education service can be traced back to Po Leung Kuk School, established before World War II, which mainly served women and children under the jurisdiction of the Education Department. Starting in 1946, the school was supported by the Education Department. As the population of Hong Kong increased rapidly after World War II, Kuk raised funds to open the first externally subsidized primary school in 1965 to help the government solve the shortage of school places. In response to social development needs and the government's expansion of secondary school education programs, Kuk opened secondary schools, kindergartens, and various specialist schools in the 70s.


Po Leung Kuk Wu Chung College (PLK No. 2 Secondary School), was opened in 1977. Formerly known as the Sycamore Street Government Primary School, it was converted into an aided secondary school under the government's educational development program. The school motto focused on benevolence, respect, diligence and sincerity, and placed equal emphasis on the five ways of life. In addition to students' intellectual inspiration and development, our school also attaches great importance to the cultivation of students' code of ethics, and building character and a sense of civic morality. Due to the limited space of the former school building, the IMC accepted the invitation of the Education Bureau and relocated to the current school site in Heng On Estate of Ma On Shan in 1990.

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