HKSSDC Debate Competition

The third debate of the year took place in the English Centre on 14th November after school. The motion of the debate was that “Participation in team sports should be made compulsory for Hong Kong secondary school students”. The adjudicator was Mr. Robert Tymkow and our opponent was MCHK Wesley College. Our three debaters, Dominic Wong (2S), Matthew Wong (3S) and Hugo Chan (4S), argued for the affirmative side, and won the competition. Hugo Chan had the highest score and was the best speaker in the debate. The adjudicator was particularly impressed with our youngest student, Dominic, who was in his first debate.

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本校同學於2021年3月至5月期間參加了「第73屆學校音樂節」,受疫情所限,大部份項目以錄影方式進行,但同學和老師們仍堅持不懈,盡力透過影片呈現學習成果。 本校同學成績優異,在個人及團隊項目中共獲得11個獎項,包括2個金獎、5個銀獎及4個銅獎。當中5B馬家翹同學更獲得笛獨奏﹙深造組﹚冠軍及簫獨奏﹙深造組﹚冠軍。恭喜獲獎同學及負責老師。 請瀏覽以下音樂科網頁了解獲獎詳情。 笛獨奏﹙深造組﹚冠軍﹙金獎