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Term One Round Two debates

Last year in early December, our two debate teams took part in competitions to argue the motion “THW cap the amount of clothing that an individual is allowed to buy.”

On December 1, Kelvin Zhang (2S), Wilson Suen (2S) and Justin Fong (4S) of Team One had a rewarding experience competing against HKMA K S Lo College as the negative side. All the team members, especially the three speakers, have made a concerted effort to illustrate that the motion must fall. In spite of it being the first debate competition for the F.2 debaters, all three debaters delivered their arguments with passionate eloquence. The adjudicator, David Wu, showed appreciation of their powerful arguments. The use of food rationing, an argument from our second speaker, Wilson, as an analogy of the cap on the amount of clothing, was regarded as the strongest argument in the debate. Even though this debate was not a win, it is foreseeable that all the members will make significant progress in the upcoming matches in Term Two.

On December 3, Henric Lau (3S), Addison Lau (3S) and Timmy Lau (4S) of Team Two argued as the affirmative side against CUHKFAA Chan Chun Ha Secondary School. With the solid support of their team members, they argued their case very well and tried valiantly to convince the adjudicator, Ms Toni Ng, that the motion must stand. Despite not winning by a very slim margin, Ms Ng praised our debaters for their well-organised arguments and strong use of supporting evidence. In fact, Addison was awarded the Best Speaker, which was well deserved. Excellent effort, Team 2!

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