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Victory for both debating teams in T1R2 debates

Success is hard, and to achieve success, both Team 1 and Team 2 of the PLKWCC Debating Club worked hard for the T1R2 debates, with the motion This House Believes That short term volunteering in developing countries by youth from developed regions is beneficial to developing countries.

On 19 December 2022, Team 1, arguing as the affirmative, had the debate against Pentecostal School. The first speaker, Kevin Zhang (3S), presented how cultural exchanges are beneficial to the developing countries and their basic needs are also satisfied via volunteering. The second speaker Athena Lai (3S) further extended the case with the benefits of volunteerism and the reason why short-term youth volunteerism is a better option. All their arguments were well-supported with evidence. The third speaker, Katie To (4K), shed light on problems of the counter-arguments from the negative side and summed up the clashes of the debate confidently. Thanks to their concerted effort in delivering convincing arguments and making rebuttals eloquently in the competition, the adjudicator awarded PLKWCC Team 1 the win.

On 19 January 2023, Team 2, arguing as the negative, had the debate against The MCHK Wesley College. The first speaker, Lewis Cheung (3B), argued about the negative psychological impacts of youth volunteering. The second speaker, Samuel Liu (3S), concentrated on the negative economic impacts of the motion. The third speaker, Henric Lau (4S), presented a clash analysis and summarised the case clearly and succinctly. Team 2 was awarded the win because of better delivery and a more solid teamcase. Special mention must be made to Henric, who was awarded the Best Speaker, with his impressive pacing and tone which made his speech convincing.

We are pleased that the PLKWCC Debating Teams have achieved considerable success in these debates, which would not have been possible without their collaborative effort and support. We look forward to more chances for them to shine in the future.

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