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Victory for T2R2 debate (Team 1)

Updated: May 12, 2023

Following the success of Team 2, Team 1 have also won their debate on 5th May, 2023 with the same motion, THW use gambling to rejuvenate depressed economic zones, arguing as the negative side against Ling Liang Church E Wun Secondary School.

The first speaker, Abby Wong (2S), explained why using gambling to rejuvenate economically depressed zones is invalid and self-defeating. The second speaker, Athena Lai (3S), further illustrated how this proposal can jeopardise individuals and society. The third speaker, Kenxif Chan (4K), shed light on the flaws in the opponent’s arguments and summed up the clashes in the debate with confidence.

The adjudicator was impressed with the teamwork and rebuttals, hence awarding PLKWCC Team 1 the win. The best speaker award went to Kenxif Chan, who did three rebuttals successfully. What the adjudicator didn’t know was that the team had taken a roller coaster ride of emotions the previous day, as the original first speaker had to be substituted by Abby due to illness.

This victory, together with that of Team 2, manifests the collaboration, devotion, and resilience of all members in the team. They all deserve a huge round of applause.

Now, both teams have won a ticket for the Grand Final, which will be held in mid-July. Stay tuned!

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