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Victory for T2R2 debate (Team 2)

Despite a heavy workload and numerous other commitments, Team 2 smashed through their obstacles and enjoyed the sweet, sweet fruit of their labour on 4th May, 2023! Arguing as the affirmative side on the motion THW use gambling to rejuvenate depressed economic zones, Lewis Cheung (3B), Pakto Leung (3S) and Samuel Lui (3S) outperformed Immaculate Heart of Mary College to claim victory on the day.

Lewis began for the team by arguing that gambling can bring significant economic benefits to a struggling economy. Pakto followed up with a rebuttal and then detailed how the ill effects of gambling can be properly managed, and, therefore, the motion is valid and should stand. Samuel concluded the case for Team 2 with some accurate rebuttals and a fine summary of the debate’s clashes. All in all, Team 2 sounded convincing, spoke very well and delivered a textbook performance.

Thanks to everyone’s effort, including support from Team 1 and other team members, Team 2 achieved their fourth victory in a row, which is an astonishing achievement. Hungry for another victory, Team 2 now has their eyes firmly on the upcoming Grand Final!

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