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Victory in Term Two Round One Debate

On 15th March, our English Debating Team, arguing as the affirmative side, won a match against STFA Tam Pak Yu Secondary School on the motion - "THBT governments should intervene to prevent the gentrification of poor communities."

Despite being a novice, our first speaker, Adrian Man (2R), confidently presented three convincing arguments outlining the shortcomings of gentrification. Our second speaker, Athena Lai (4S), gave powerful rebuttals and argued why government intervention is necessary. Our third speaker, Abby Wong (3S), gave a comprehensive clash analysis on why the motion must stand. Impressed by the coherent team case and logical development of arguments, the adjudicator has awarded Po Leung Kuk Wu Chung College the win.

All team members are now diligently preparing for the T2R2 match. With a strong team spirit and collaborative effort, our team has a bright prospect ahead.

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Congratulations to the Po Leung Kuk Wu Chung College English Debating Team on their well-deserved win! With this strong start, I have no doubt they'll achieve great Buckshot Roulette things in the T2R2 match.

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