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Businesss, Accounting & Financial Studies

  • Curriculum Aims

  1. to provide students at senior secondary level with fundamental business knowledge and skills, and develop their positive values and attitudes, so that they can fulfil their roles competently and confidently as consumers, investors, employees and/or entrepreneurs;

  2. to develop students’ generic skills in research, analysis, leadership, team-building, communication, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving and transfer them to different domains; and

  3. to explore different aspects of business to prepare students for life, for learning and for employment.

  • Curriculum Framework and Outline (The elective module provided is Module 1: Accounting)

  • Learning Approaches/Strategies

A. To develop generic and problem-solving skills, students must achieve the following learning objectives:

  • to master accounting concepts and principles;

  • to carefully observe and analyze data;

  • to make reasonable judgments and inferences based on accounting concepts and principles;

  • to organise and consolidate connected accounts and data; and

  • to calculate and maintain clear accounting ledgers. 

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​B. Enhancement & Remedial Programme

  • to enhance exam question analysis of HKDSE;

  • to familiarise students with the public examination arrangement and improve their abilityto prepare for HKDSE; and

  • to arrange students to participate in mock public examinations (e.g.: BAFS of HKICPA), Secondary School Business Knowledge Competitions, and other business seminars to arouse their interest in the subject and enhance their thinking ability.

  • Assessment

​A. Public Examination (HKDSE)

B. Internal Assessment

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