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Academic Prefect

  • Aims

    • The aim of this program is to cultivate students' leadership abilities, train their organizational and problem-solving skills, and strengthen their sense of responsibility and willingness to help others. Academic Prefects are nominated by class teachers and subject teachers in Chinese, English, and Mathematics. They are responsible for assisting teachers in recording assignments and collecting completed assignments from classmates. This program also aims to boost the confidence of students and help them understand that they can also take on leadership roles and be excellent assistants to teachers, showcasing their abilities.

  • Activities

    • Training

      • In order for students to grasp the key responsibilities, academic representatives receive training. In addition to attending training sessions organized by teachers at the beginning of each term, they learn details of the daily tasks of through the sharing of experiences and demonstrations by senior students. Teachers also review the performance of Academic Prefects each term and provide appropriate follow-up to improve their skills.​

    • Work

      • There are two types of Academic Prefects: Class Academic Prefects and Subject Academic Prefects in Chinese, English, Mathematics and Science. The main responsibilities of Academic Prefects:​

        • Filling out the "Homework Record Book": Academic Prefects need to record the names of assignments assigned by subject teachers each week in the "Homework Record Book".​

        • Collecting homework: Academic Prefects collect classmates' homework in the morning.

        • Recording classmates' submission of assignments: They use the "Assignment Submission Record Sheet" to record the status of classmates' submitted assignments and submit the record sheet as instructed by subject teachers.

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