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​Wu Chung Café

  • Objectives

    • Coffee beans have to go through multiple roasting processes to transform into a nice cup of coffee. As a newly established school club, Wu Chung Café is equipped with professional coffee makers. By promoting coffee culture and organising related activities, students are able to improve their social skills, management skills, communication skills and confidence level. It is hoped that students’ sense of commitment and belonging to the school can be enhanced too.

  • Activities

    • Coffee Culture and Brewing Training Class

      • Students are able to learn more about coffee culture and try different types of coffees.

    • Wu Chung Refreshment Station

      • Students can collect the record card from the Café, fill in their progress or achievements for stamps. They can enjoy a cup of coffee by redeeming a certain number of stamps. Hopefully, through recognising their achievements, students’ self-image and confidence can be enhanced.

    • Receptions for Parents’ Day & Activity Day

      • Students can showcase their achievements and brew coffee for both students and parents.

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