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Chinese Martial Arts Club

  • Objectives

    • Founded in 1989, the Chinese Martial Arts Club has been established for 31 years. Under the leadership of Master Cheng Man Fai, the Club has introduced Chinese martial arts to many students. These students served as instructors after graduation to support the growth of juniors and promote the sustainable development of the Club. This truly upholds the spirit of passing on Chinese martial arts from one generation to another.

    • With the mission of enhancing students' physical competence, the Club allows students to learn martial arts and dragon & lion dance to promote the development of this unique national heritage. Through regular training, competitions and performances, the Club helps students to build good moral characters and enhance their confidence. Apart from academic achievements, students can gain a sense of achievement and unleash their potential through participating in the activities. It is hoped that they can contribute to society with what they have learnt.

    • In order to increase transparency and deepen students’ understanding of the activities and operation of Chinese Martial Arts Club, we regularly post photos of past activities on Facebook.

  • Activities

    • Regular dragon & lion dance and Chinese martial arts training (14:00 - 16:00 every Saturday)

    • Hong Kong Lion Dance Championship

    • Hong Kong Dragon Dance Championship

    • Hong Kong Open Nei Jia Chuan Competition

    • Hong Kong Inter-School Dragon and Lion Dance Championship (2 sessions)

    • Hong Kong Dragon and Lion Dance Festival 

    • Introduction to Chinese Martial Arts for Secondary 1 Students

    • Chinese New Year Performance for Elders

    • Alumni Visit & Performance

  • Instructors

    • Master MF CHENG

    • Mr CY CHAN      (1998 graduate)

    • Mr KW CHAN     (2002 graduate)

    • Mr MY LUI          (2003 graduate)

    • Mr WL WONG    (2005 graduate)

    • Mr CC LAU          (2005 graduate)

    • Mr WH NIP         (2006 graduate)

    • Mr LY LAM          (2014 graduate)

    • Mr CY CHENG    (2014 graduate)

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