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Economic and Commerce Club

  • Objectives

    • By organising different activities including field trips, off-campus competitions and simulated stores, the Economics & Commerce Club helps students to develop the sense of business operation and the ability to apply economics to their daily lives so that they can be well prepared for the future after graduation. The members of the club are mainly senior form students taking Economics and Business, Accounting and Financial Studies as electives in the HKDSE. They are given opportunities to practise what they have learned in class and share the knowledge to other students.

  • Activities​

    • Mooncake Value Appraisal Activity

    • Startup Experiential Activity

    • Visit to the Hong Kong Monetary Authority

    • Visit to the CUHK Economics Project Exhibition

    • HKAEE Economics Analysis Competition

    • Startup Your Idea Seminar

    • Stock Trading Guru Board Game Competition

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