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English Society

  • Objective

    • The English Society aims to promote learning English as an integral part of school life through a variety of activities and inter-class competitions. Students are immersed in an English-rich environment in which ample opportunities of authentic English usage are provided. Celebrations of western festivals also play a part in deepening their understanding of different cultures.

    • The activities and competitions do not only facilitate learning, but also help realise students’ potential. Participation in such events encourages students to use the language and improve themselves. For instance, analytical power, creativity and artistic talent are nurtured in debate and drama competitions.

  • Activities

    • Morning Speeches

    • Speech Festival

    • Debate Workshop

    • Inter-school Debating Competitions

    • Valentine’s Day Celebrations

    • Halloween Celebrations

    • English Drama Performance

    • Workshop onTable Manners and Etiquette

    • English Activities with Primary Students

    • Interclass Competitions

      • Drama Competition

      • Battle of Books

      • Debate Competition

      • Lyrics Rewriting Competition

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