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History Society

  • Objectives

    • Through the activities organised by the History Society, subject teachers arrange for students to visit historical sites to enhance students’ national and cultural awareness and help them to understand the relationship between Hong Kong and Mainland China.

    • In addition to project learning, providing students with life-wide learning opportunities to link school learning with community resources is essential. The Public Records Office holds a rich collection of government publications for both the pre-war and post-war periods. Many historical photographs and videotapes, out-of-print local newspapers and a variety of books, directories, street indexes, journals and unpublished works relating to Hong Kong are also available there. Other government departments, such as the Antiquities and Monuments Office, various museums in Hong Kong, and other non-government organisations, are willing to assist in arranging learning activities to supplement classroom learning. Community visits and heritage tours of historic buildings, both Chinese and Western, are useful for illustrating the co-existence and interaction of local and non-local cultures.

  • Activities

    • Po Leung Kuk Museum Ambassador Scheme

    • Joint School History HKDSE Mock Examination

    • History and Culture Seminars

    • CUHK History Day

    • HKDSE History Examination Tips Sharing by Graduates

    • History Workshop

    • Heritage Trail Field Trip

  • Useful websites for futher study of National Education​

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