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Students are allocated into four Houses after admission, i.e. Red, Yellow, Bue, and Green. The four Houses organise regular activities for their members. The committee members of the four Houses are elected by the House members.

  • Objectives

    • To develop students' leadership skills and enhance their sense of responsibility and organisational skills;

    • To strengthen students' sense of belonging to the school and build school spirit. 

    • Cultivate teamwork among students; and

    • To encourage students to make the best use of their spare time.

  • Activities

    • Each of the four Houses elects a committee at the beginning of the school year and organise orientation activities for new students in late September. Each year, the four Houses  organise at least 6 inter-house competitions. In addition to Sports Day and Cheerleading Competition, each house is responsible for organising at least one inter-house competition. The annual inter-house competitions are jointly organised by the committee members of the four Houses, House teacher advisors and Co-curricular Activities Committee.

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