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Student Librarian Club

  • Objectives

    • To assist in library affairs;

    • To help students learn about the library and make good use of the library equipment and resources;

    • To encourage students to read and foster the habit of reading;

    • To become role models by serving the school;

    • To improve leadership skills through various activities; and

    • To develop self-management abilities, the spirit of serving others and teamwork.

  • Activities

    • Daily duties

      • Maintaining order at the library;

      • Managing computer and audiovisual equipment;

      • Book borrowing and return;

      • Book shelf arrangement;

      • Magazine rack arrangement;

      • Book repair & maintenance; and

      • Library inventory;

      • Library decoration and poster making.

    • Different Activities 

      • Visiting bookstores and  book fairs

      • Holding parties, BBQs, Book & Tea Parties

      • Organising the Reading week

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