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Hong Kong Red Cross

  • Objectives

    • The Red Cross Youth Unit (YU201) aims at protecting life and health, serving the community and putting the spirit of humanity in action. Through the ‘Progressive Programme’, members are to achieve the five objectives of the Youth and Volunteer Team as follows:

      • To protect life and health: providing service and training activities include first aid, nursing, fire prevention, light rescue, health education, community care, environmental protection, etc.;

      • To serve the community: encouraging members to participate in voluntary service to help people in need, including those who are injured, homeless, poor, sick, being discriminated and forgotten by society;

      • To enhance mutual understanding and respect: encouraging members to broaden their horizons, expand their social circles, understand and accept others and promoting friendships through diversified recreational group activities and international exchanges;

      • To disseminate Red Cross humanitarian values: promoting Red Cross humanitarian values through learning, games, competitions, promotional campaigns, voluntary services and other large-scale activities; and

      • To promote personal growth: footdrill, group living, skills enhancement and leadership training, all of which are beneficial for developing the sense of responsibility, improving self-confidence and encouraging members to become good citizens.

  • Activities

    • Services:

      • First-aiders during Sports’ Day;

      • Measuring temperature during morning assemblies;

      • Blood donation day;

    • Training:

      • Youth Drill;

      • Youth Elementary First Aid (YEFA);

      • Youth Basic Training (YBT);

      • Committee Member Training (CMT);

      • Youth Leadership Training (YLT);

      • Youth First Aid (YFA);Youth Basic Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (YBCPR); and

      • Youth Sign Language (YSL)

  • ​Awards

    • Outstanding Red Cross Youth Member of Shatin North District: TY LEUNG

    • Winners of the Youth Attainment Badge (recognized by JUPAS): TY LEUNG and CC LO

    • Humanity Campus Award

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