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Science Club

  • Objectives

    • To arouse students’ interest in learning science;

    • To enhance students’ experimental skills;

    • To enhance students' understanding of the connection between science and other STEM-related subjects; and

    • To help students apply scientific knowledge in their daily life and unleash their scientific potential.

  • Activities

    • Leaf Vein Bookmark Workshop (for Secondary 1 & 2 students)

    • Water Rocket Competition (for Secondary 3 students)

    • One Person, One Flower Scheme (for Secondary 1 & 2 students)

    • Weather observation (for Secondary 4 students)

    • Planting daffodils (for all students)

    • Observing student science competitions (for Secondary 4 & 6 students)

    • Leaf Vein Bookmark Workshop (for all students)

    • Shrinkable Film DIY Workshop (for all students)

    • Post-exam activity: Water Rocket Workshop and Competition (for Secondary 2 students)

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