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Wu Chung Tea Club

  • Objectives

    • To understand Chinese tea culture by learning about the six types of tea, the flavour and aroma of different teas, and the health benefits of tea;

    • To gain knowledge of tea brewing methods and techniques: brewing tea with traditional tea cup or zisha teapot, the effect of water temperature and pouring techniques; 

    • To improve manners: learning about the aesthetic of tea party arrangements, the core values of Chinese tea ceremonies, the virtue of concentration and harmony, and the spiritual realm of relaxation and joy; and

    • To serve the community: serving tea to teachers, parents and classmates to develop the spirit of respecting others.

  • Activities

    • Tea foundation course: introducing the core values of Chinese tea ceremonies and the correct tea brewing methods with details such as the amount of tea, water temperature, water flow and time;

    • Tea serving: introducing the core value of Chinese tea culture as harmony and respect by serving tea to teachers, parents and schoolmates;

    • Tea party: holding weekly after-school tea tasting activities; and

    • Tea tasting: serving different types of tea such as Pre-Qingming Longjing Tea, Wuyi Rock Tea, Chaozhou Phoenix Single-cluster Tea, Wenshan Baozhong Tea, Xiangxuehai, and Jasmine Tea.

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