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Visual Arts Club

  • Objectives

    • To explore innovative and popular mediums of arts through different co-curricular activities;

    • To gather a group of art-loving students and improve their art knowledge, skills, and develop a positive attitude through key training programmes;

    • To organise club activities and promote the concept of arts administration by teachers and committee members; and

    • To enjoy diversified learning experiences by participating in different arts and cultural activities.

  • Activities

    • Organise different competitions including Sports’ Day Programme Cover Design Competition, Students’ Handbook Cover Design Competition and Positive Campus Banner Design Competition with P.E., Chinese and Moral Education Team.

    • Host visual arts activities and organise arts interest classes.

    • Participate in campus beautification activities, including school wall painting, decoration of venues for various activities, etc.

    • Visit art exhibitions, museums, galleries, university and college open days.

    • Organise and participate in on/off-campus exhibitions.

    • Participate in different art competitions and activities.

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