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HKSSDC Term One Round One Debates

We must take our hats off to the PLKWCC Debating Team because they achieved victory again. In the debate against Buddhist Tai Kwong Chi Hong SS (Team 2) on 7th October, Team 2 displayed their debating skills most competently.

The motion was This House Rejects the commercialisation of major holidays. Arguing as the affirmative side, Henric Lau (4S) began the debate by discussing how shopping and gift-giving create massive financial burdens and stress for people. Addison Lau (4S) followed up as the second speaker by giving a well-targeted rebuttal and then explaining how our wasteful practices on major holidays harm our precious planet and increase the threat of climate change. Lastly, Moses Leung (4S) concluded the debate by expertly delivering some stinging rebuttals and summarising the major clashes of the debate. The adjudicator awarded PLKWCC the win because our structure, evidence and speaking fluency were stronger overall. Plus, Moses was awarded Best Speaker for his impressive performance. Well done, Team 2!

On 11th October, Team 1 had another match against Sha Tin Tsung Tsin College, on the same motion. Kevin Zhang (3S), Katie To (4K) and Kenxif Chan (4S) represented Team 1 as first, second and third speakers, arguing for the negative side. Confronting some highly-proficient opponents, our three debaters managed to present their arguments clearly. The result was extremely close and we could have won had it not been their second speaker, who turned out to be the game-changer. Still, the keen collaboration and industrious effort of Team 1 deserve a big round of applause.

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