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Two championships for the English Debate Team in the Grand Final

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Don’t limit your challenges; challenge your limits. Nothing could be more accurate than this quote for the English Debate Team this year. It took tremendous effort and commitment for both Team 1 and Team 2 to reach the 2022 - 2023 HKSSDC Grand Final. Despite it being the first face-to-face debate, both teams performed well and have become the champions for the two matches, which is the first time ever in the history of our school.

Victory of Team Two on 3 July, 2023

On 3 July, 2023, Team Two had the Grand Final Match against Yu Chun Keung Memorial College (II), who hosted the debate as the Affirmative team for the motion THW create and enforce filial responsibility laws. As the Negative team, Team Two argued that despite their profound love for their elderly parents, it was not right to require adult children to support their parents as a matter of law.

Henric Lau (4S), the first speaker, argued that many groups in society could not afford this motion, and such financial stress can further lead to escalation of the problem of elderly neglect. Addison Lau (4S), the second speaker, further argued that this law fails as a social security policy due to the lack of coverage, sustainability and equitability. The last speaker, Moses Leung (4S), clashed brilliantly with the opposition's ideas, setting them on a loose footing by pointing out inconsistencies in their argument and a stark lack of reliable evidence.

The room was quite tense when the three adjudicators returned to give their adjudication. After some helpful advice about developing ideas and ensuring convincing voice projection when debating, they gave the victory to Po Leung Kuk Wu Chung College Team Two as the Grand Final Champion for 2022 – 2023, and Moses was chosen as Best Speaker!

Victory of Team One on 5 July, 2023

On 5 July, 2023, Team One, hosting the debate as the Affirmative team for the same motion, had the Grand Final Match against STFA Cheng Yu Tung College, with the team line that “filial responsibility law is the key to sustainability and harmony”.

Being the only F.2 member of the team, Abby Wong (2S) spoke confidently as the first speaker by defining the motion and emphasizing how the proposed model is a sustainable solution to the escalating issue of elderly problems. Our second speaker, Katie To (4K), further argued why adults are morally responsible for taking care of their parents under reciprocity, and how it leads to a harmonious society. The third speaker, Kenxif Chan (4K), summed up the clashes in the debate by highlighting the urgency and ethicality of the proposal.

It was such a close debate that the debaters thought they would have lost. Fortunately, the three adjudicators were impressed with the overall argument structure and the more convincing proposed model of our side, hence declaring Po Leung Kuk Wu Chung College Team One as the Grand Final Champion for the match.

It is important to stress that our Grand Final victory is not the work of one person but rather the result of a collaborative effort from all Debating Club members. Thanks to the invaluable support from all members and their coaches, both teams achieved victory in the Grand Final and did so with a perfect win record this year!

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