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Victory for T2R1 debates (Team 1)

Another big round of applause to Team 1 of our English Debating Team, which has won the Term 2 Round One debate on 24th March, 2023. The motion was THW pay additional benefits to families on welfare according to their child's performance at school.

Team 1 argued as the affirmative side against St. Stephen Church’s College. The first speaker, Abby Wong (2S), presented the problems encountered by teens in poverty and the necessity of the proposal. The second speaker, Kenxif Chan (4K), further explained why this was an ethical and effective way to achieve social justice. The third speaker, Katie To (4K), shed light on problems of the counter-arguments from the negative side and summed up the clashes of the debate confidently. Thanks to their concerted effort in constructing a convincing case, which was well-supported by research, the adjudicator awarded PLKWCC Team 1 the win. Although the best-speaker was awarded to the negative third speaker, the adjudicator was impressed by the smooth delivery of Abby, who scored the highest in the team. This is particularly remarkable since it was the first debate she had ever participated in as a speaker.

All members of Team 1 were exhilarated since their endeavor had eventually paid off. This round of debate was filled with laughter and tears, given the ups and downs throughout the preparation. This gratifying result is the product of teamwork, devotion, and sacrifice.

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