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  • Curriculum Aims

    • Understand basic economics concepts and theories;

    • develop an interest in exploring human behaviour and social issues through an economic perspective;

    • Explain real-world situations by applying economic concepts and theories, particularly the economy of Hong Kong;

    • Understand and interpret economic data expressed in various forms;

    • Master basic analytical tools of economics;

    • Analyze economic issues;

    • Analyse different arguments, proposals and policies from different perspectives and make informed judgments; and

    • Express the ideas clearly with structured explanations, and support with diagrams and examples.

  • Curriculum Framework and Outline

    • Compulsory part includes 10 topics:

      • Basic Economic Concepts

      • Firms and Production

      • Market and Price

      • Competition and Market Structure

      • Efficiency, Equity and the Role of Government

      • Measurement of Economic Performance

      • National Income Determination and Price Level

      • Money and Banking

      • Macroeconomic Problems and Policies

      • International Trade and Finance

    • Elective:

      • Elective Part 1: Monopoly Pricing and Anti-competitive Behaviours

      • Elective Part 2: Extension of Trade Theory, Economic Growth and Development

  • Study Approaches/Strategies

    • Observe the surrounding people and things;

    • Explain human behaviour and social phenomena through economic theories;

    • Take a step further to quantify observations into data to verify the theory; and

    • Apply theories to predict the occurrence and impact of the next event.

  • Assessment

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