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  • Curriculum Aims

    • ​The Science (S1-3) curriculum provides science-related learning experiences that develop students’ interest in science and to lay a foundation for their studies of various science curricula at the senior secondary level. It also focuses on the development of scientific literacy for living in and contributing towards a scientific and technological world.

    • The aims of Science are to enable students to:

      • develop curiosity and interest in science;

      • acquire fundamental scientific knowledge and skills, and appreciate the relationship between science and other disciplines;

      • develop the ability to make scientific investigation and solve problems;

      • use the language of science to communicate science-related ideas;

      • develop a basic understanding of the nature of science;

      • develop the ability to integrate and apply scientific knowledge and skills with other related disciplines;

      • recognise the social, ethical, economic, environmental and technological implications of science, and develop an attitude of responsible citizenship and a commitment to promote personal and community health;

      • be prepared for further studies in STEM-related disciplines; and

      • become lifelong learners in science for personal development.

  • Curriculum Framework and Outline

    • Secondary 1

      • Unit 1: Introduction to Science

      • Unit 2: Water

      • Unit 3: Observing Living Organisms

      • Unit 4: Cells, Human Reproduction and Heredity

      • Unit 5: Energy

      • Unit 6: Matter as Particles

    • Secondary 2

      • Unit 7: Living Organisms and Air

      • Unit 8: Use of Electricity

      • Unit 9: Common Acids and Alkalis

      • Unit 10: Environmental Awareness

      • Unit 11: Forces and Motion

    • ​Secondary 3

      • Biology

      • Chemistry

      • Physics

  • Study Approaches/Strategies

    • Reading

    • Memorization

    • Experiment

    • Practice

    • Understanding

    • Group discussion

  • Assessment

    • Internal Examination

    • Daily Marks

      • Tests

      • Exercises

      • Projects

  • Online Resources

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