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Shaping Our Future City 2023 Engineering Competition

On 14th May, five F.4 students, Chan Ho Yeung, Chan Kin Hang, Cheung Hiu Kwan, Ng Siu Hang and Lau Addison, participated in the Shaping Our Future City 2023 Engineering Competition, organized by the Institution of Civil Engineers Hong Kong Association. The theme was ‘Building with nature, shaping our future’.

In the competition, students were required to design a hypothetical public sustainability exhibition center located in Nam Cheong Park. They presented their product in poster exhibition, model building and the mock stakeholder forum. They were able to cooperate well with each other and demonstrated their teamwork.

The effort they put in won them the First Runner-up. One of the team members, Lau Addison, was awarded the Best Presenter because of his excellent performance in the presentation.

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